jueves, 25 de mayo de 2017

The increase of youth unemployment

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The increase of youth unemployment

The news talks about the increase of youth unemployment after recent falls. It is typically lower in poorer countries than in rich ones because workers in less-developed countries have to take work just to make ends meet and, with few choices, end up in low-paid jobs with no security.
We must work harder to abolish the unemployment.

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  1. Grupo: Jesús, Antonio y Rocio
    This new tells us as the unemployment between the youngest has grown in the last years. Also says to us that though there are available employments, the young people do not want them or does not seem to them to be interesting.The juvenile unemployment is lower in the poor countries than in the rich ones since in the poor the work takes to be able to survive.This happens in countries as Spain or Greece, where there is many crisis.