jueves, 18 de mayo de 2017

Sweetens developer project a casino in Madrid.

Atención porque esta semana tenemos...¡noticia extra! y está en inglés.

From my point of view, the report is very interesting. It doesńt talk about economic indices, but it says that they are building a casino with a beach in Madrid, and it implies the increase of job in the city. The development of these activities is an advantage to rise the turism and the workstations.
Grupo: Juan Antonio Palma y Marta Benítez Perea.
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  1. In my oppinion the notice has two faces:

    On one side it´s a good new, because like Marta and Juan Antonio said the job in the city increase.
    But, in the other hand, we have to think about what kind of development we want for our cities.

    A project like this implies spend a lot of resources in non sustaintable development, could we suggest another way to create new employments?

    What do you think?

    Mª Ángeles

  2. This news tells us about grants, and state expenses. Also in the news does not talk about the construction of buildings in Madrid, this will improve the economy of the community, as it gives jobs and increases demand. In my opinion, this news seems very interesting, and much more this good news, since it generates work to the country and also tourism.
    Grupo: Paula, Alba y Gabriel.

  3. Grupo: Jose Manuel, Maru , Castor y Lucía
    In our opinion, if those who are going to invest think that they will not need subsidies on the part of the government and all the money is going to be put on their part we do not see it bad that the casino builds in Madrid. We see a good job opportunity for many Spaniards.

  4. Grupo: Virginio, Celia y Teresa
    We think that is a opportunity for Madrid to have a casino and a artificial beach because this increase employment and torurism in our country, which will also improve our economy.

  5. GRUPO3: Marina Morilla Rodrígguez, Martín Vega Cortés y Juan Manuel Rodríguez Trejo.
    This news is about the construction of buildings in the Spanish capital, Madrid, built through grants from the state.This on the other hand also venetifies many people, as they are hired to perform this work.

  6. Grupo:Antonio, Rocio y Jesus.
    The regional government of Madrid rejected the project of The Cordish Companies,For three main reasons: questioned its economic viability,Adding that it would need to invest some 340 million euros in infrastructure and finally that the initial phase lacked the cultural and sports necessary to make it eligible for fast-tracking as CID Integral Development Center,
    This news has seemed interesting for the three problems that has happened to Madrid within the Cordish Companies